Tasty take away food and delivery dinners in Bendigo

Old fashioned service, old fashioned value and food you'll love!

We know that it doesn't have to be fancy to be fabulous! When it comes to good old fashioned hearty food and a few modern menu options, you can rely on Lyttleton Terrace Takeaway to satisfy your taste buds! The whole idea behind take away food and delivery is that you don't have to do the dishes, and you get a delicious meal for a decent price. We're not trying to change the face of cuisine in Bendigo, we're just delivering satisfying, delicious food that fills your tummy and makes you smile!

Fast & friendly service

We know that if you're ordering take away, it's because you've got somewhere else to be... like, on the couch, under a blanket; at a party with a bunch of other hungry people; or just sitting in your car at a look-out. We'll have you on your way in no time! For your convenience, you can call ahead to order pick-up, or delivery.

Great value

When you need to feed a hungry tribe and you don't feel like cooking for one, we are the convenient, delicious and affordable option. We strive to keep our menu chock-full of affordable options. Our customers often tell us that ordering take away food and delivery from us, is much cheaper than cooking a similar meal at home... and tastier!

Quality food

All the food made on premises at Lyttleton Terrace Takeaway is prepared with the finest ingredients and professional care. We have a respect for good, old fashioned, hearty food. You'll find all your old favourite take away food options on our menu and a few delicious, modern foods that we couldn't help but adopt. If you're looking for a delicious meal to warm your tummy and your heart, you’ll find it at Lyttleton Terrace Takeaway in Bendigo.

Woman enjoying her take away meal